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Zinc, Copper and Cadmium Levels in Water of Porsuk Stream Basin (Turkey)

Porsuk Stream Basin is a significant aquatic habitat located in the middle of the Aegean and Central Anatolian Regions of Turkey and it is exposed to an intensive agricultural, domestic and industrial pollution. In this study, zinc, copper and cadmium concentrations in water of Porsuk Stream Basin was investigated. For this purpose, freshwater samples were collected from 18 selected stations on the basin (3 of them were located on the Porsuk Dam Lake) in summer season of 2015. According to detected data, Porsuk Stream Basin has I. Class water quality in terms of Zn and Cu accumulations and has II – III. Class water quality in terms of Cd accumulations. Keywords- Porsuk Stream Basin, Water quality, Zinc, Copper, Cadmium