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Effect of Yttrium Addition on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Magnesium Alloy Systems

Magnesium is the lightest metal with a density of 1.738 g/cm3. It is essential to utilize magnesium by alloying with rare earth elements such as yttrium to take advantage of its lightness. Magnesium (Mg) that has HCP crystal structure shows tremendous anisotropy which can be eliminated by alloying Mg with different elements or modifying the production parameters. Another problem caused by the crystal structure of magnesium is low formability which can also be overcome by alloying. In this study, the effect of yttrium as an alloying element on magnesium alloy systems was studied. It was observed that Mg-Y intermetallic compounds piled up at grain boundaries hindered the grain coarsening. The aim of this study is to develop lightweight and mechanically improved magnesium alloys. Keywords: Magnesium, magnesium alloy, microstructure, tensile test, hardness test, yttrium.