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Preparation of Lifepo4.Li3v2(Po4)3/C Cathode Materials by Solid State Method

In this study, the lithium carbonate, ferric oxalate, ammonium hydrogen phosphate and ammonium metavanadate were used as raw materials to synthesize the carbon-coated lithium iron phosphate/lithium vanadium phosphate (LiFePO4˙Li3V2(PO4)3/C) composite cathode materials through the solid state reaction at different calcining temperatures of 700°C, 750°C and 800°C for 10 h under a 95% argon/5% hydrogen atmosphere and the ratio of iron: vanadium= 7:3. The carbon coating was achieved at 350°C for 4 h at 700°C for 10 h in an atmosphere of 95% argon /5% hydrogen. The results show that the calcination temperature has a significant effect on the electrochemical performance of LiFePO4˙Li3V2(PO4)3/C composite cathode materials. The discharge capacity at 0.1C/0.1C obtained from the cathode materials prepared at different calcination were 108 mAh/g at 800°C, 121 mAh/g at 750°C, 133 mAh/g at 700°C, 130 mAh/g for 650°C, and 129 mAh/g for 600°C, respectively. Index Terms- lithium iron phosphate, carbon coating, solid phase method, cathode material, lithium ion battery