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Exchange Anisotropy of Vacuum Evaporation Co-Based Thin Films

The exchange anisotropy of CoCr thin films onto silicon substrates has been investigated. Thermal Evaporation under vacuum of 10-7 mbar was used to produce of CoCr thin films onto Si (100) substrates. RBS technique shows that thicknesses are ranging from 17nm to 220nm, and the atomic chromium content ranges from 12% to 20%. DRX measurements show that the CoCr films are polycrystalline with an hcp structure and texture <0002>, the size of the crystallites is between 20 and 70 nm. Atomic force microscopy (A.F.M.) study reveals smooth surfaces for of the most the films, whereas some films present small roughness, between 10 and 38 วบ. AGFM measurements allow concluding that the ferromagnetic films possess planar anisotropy, saturation magnetization values being between 200 and 1200 emu/cm3, also some CoCr thin films present a shift of hysteresis loops along the field axis; this phenomenon is called exchange anisotropy, it is related to the oxidation of chrome and cobalt atoms, so the exchange interaction between ferromagnetic (F) and antiferromagnetic (AF) components. Keywords- Exchange anisotropy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), CoCr system, thin films, Antiferromagnetic (AF), Ferromagnetic (F)