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A Pervasive and Personalized Smart Healthcare System using IOT

In the last few years the Internet-of-Things (IoT) has been enabling solutions that are leading to development of many innovative and beneficial computer applications. Smart devices such as Near Field Communication(NFC), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and smart mobile technologies help in leading the IOT vision to a newer and better level . In this paper, an innovative idea to monitor patient’s biological health parameters in real time is proposed. With a goal of providing better healthcare services to the needy patients, we put forward a Pervasive and Personalized smart healthcare system (PPHS) using IOT. This system relies on different inter-dependant technologies such as, NFCs, WSN, Accelerometer for motion detection using smartphones etc. These smart devices cooperate with each other using a CoAP/NFC /SOAP network infrastructure. The PPSHS is able to collect, in real time, patient’s physiological parameters via a Sensing Network composed of nodes integrating NFC and WSN functionalities. Sensed data are delivered to a control center where an admin application in cloud makes them easily available to both local and remote users via a SOAP web service. Keywords - Internet Of Things(IOT), Near Field Communication(NFC), Wireless Sensor Network(WSN), Acclerometer (Motion Detection), Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP), Constrained Application Protocol(CoAP), Cloud Data Storage and Analytic.