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The Characterization of the Textural and Sensory Properties of Buffalo Milk Yogurts

The objective of this study was to characterize the textural and sensorial properties of buffalo milk yogurt and buffalo milk yogurt mixed either with cow’s or cow + ewe’s milk. Instrumental texture analyses for firmness, consistency, cohesiveness and index of viscosity were carried out using the back extrusion method. A nine-point hedonic scale was used to profile sensorial attributes of the yogurt samples by trained panelists. The color, texture and sensory analyes indicated that the yogurt made with buffalo milk alone presented distinct characteristics and higher values than mixed milk yogurts. Since buffalo milk is, in general, becoming increasingly popular throughout the world due to its high nutritional value and sensory quality, yogurt offers an excellent opportunity for incorporation of buffalo milk into functional dairy products with high consumer acceptance. Keywords- Texture, Sensory, Buffalo milk, Yogurt