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Simultaneous Change of Angular Velocity and Resistance Right After Needle Acupuncture in Upper Extremity for Patients With Stroke

Using needle acupuncture to improve the spasticity status in patients with stroke is currently undoubtable. Many studies have presented about the effectiveness on improvement of spasticity change in patients with stroke. However, the dynamic condition during test was less discussed. Fifteen subjects were enrolled into this pilot study. We used the measurement device which contained pressure sensor and accelerometer to detect the dynamic changes in angle, angular velocity, and resistance during spasticity test. The results in modified Ashworth scale and power throughout the spasticity were decreasing. We also can distinguish the results from before and right after needle acupuncture in dynamic changes curve. MAS is the subjective measure in spasticity test, but power is the objective measurement. Power means how much effort patients performed. We can obtain power decreasing right after needle acupuncture intervention. The results consisted with clinical finding. Index Terms- Needle Acupuncture, Spasticity, Stroke, modified Ashworth scale (MAS), power