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Phase Change Cotton Tape Development for Thermal Management

As the demand for cooling of electronic devices and circuitry has increased during the last decade, the Phase Change Materials (PCMs) offers economic advantage over conventional cooling systems. Thermal energy storage is an essential technique for thermal energy utilization and PCMs offers a significant advantage if the application needs temperature cycles closely around the melting point. In case of solid-liquid type PCMs there is a high volume change between the solid and liquid state which require additional reservoir to store the liquid. Also, the cyclic stability over large number of cycles remains a major issue. In solid-solid PCMs (SSPCMs) heat transfer takes place by solid-solid phase transitions. As in this case no liquid phase separates out, no reservoir is needed to collect the liquid and they can be directly processed into arbitrary shapes. In this study, new solid-solid PCM is where the cellulose (cotton) serves as solid framework and other crystalline polymer, polyethylene glycol, serves as PCM which was attached to the frameworks by chemical bonding. The working substance, polyethylene glycol, stores or releases energy while at the same time whole system remains in the solid state. The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) study of cotton tape showed quite good storage effect and has better thermal stability. Modified cotton was also studied for their thermal characteristics, porosity, mechanical properties etc. Keywords- Grafting, cotton, Polyethylene glycol, Solid-solid phase change, Urethane.