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The Effects of Sulfurization Pressure on Conversion Efficiency of Cu (In, Ga) (S, Se) Thin Film Solar Cell

Cu (In, Ga) (S, Se) (CIGSSe) thin film solar cell have been prepared by sputtering-selenization method with sulfurization process using sulfur powder (without toxic H 2 S gas) in a tube type resistance furnace to form CIGSSe reaction layer. Themorphology of the CIGSSe film becomes smoothly and densely uniform when increasing sulfurization pressure. The sulfur concentration of S/(Se+S) ratio slightly increase from 0.277 to 0.310 with rising the sulfurization pressure value due to the long gas residence time accelerate the reaction rate.A maximum solar cell efficiency of 12.7% was achieved at760 Torr. Keywords: Sulfurization, Sputtering-Selenization, Rapid Thermal Annealing, CIGSSe.