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Digital Forensic Technique Based on Exception Logs for Cloud

Cloud computing has introduced convenient ways of data storage and data sharing without having to invest in costly hardware and software. Ubiquitous computing made it even more simpler as users can use handheld devices such as mobile phones and smart phones to upload, download, share text, photos, videos easily on cloud application. But hackers and criminals committing digital crimes are equally benefitted as no standard guidelines, procedures, methods are in existence to tackle with the crimes committed in the cloud environment. Digital Forensic process applicable on static devices cannot be applied directly to cloud environment. Hence, a new approach is proposed in this paper. We are analyzing Exception Logs generated by the application uploaded in the cloud environment. Analysis of these logs will lead to the determination of malicious activities, malicious users, state of the machine at the time of the incident and many other factors. Keywords - Exception Logs, Twitter, Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM), Forensic Integration Architecture (FIA).