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Actors’ Training Need Assessment of Ecological Organic Agriculture Practices in South Western Nigeria

The study assessed training needs of actors about Ecological Organic Agricultural (EOA) practices in southwestern, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was used to select 150 respondents. Data was collected usingstructured questionnaire on knowledge,training need and constraints to use EOA practices. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential (PPMC and ANOVA) statistics.Majority of the respondents (66.7%) had tertiary education and 42.7% had between 1-10 years of working experience.Environmental hazards was ranked first among constraints with a weighted score of 272.Actors’ training need(64.0%)and knowledge(62.0%)aboutEOA practices were high.Knowledge (r = - 0.21, p =0.01)wassignificantly relatedto training need whileactors’ training needs (F = 171.03, p =0.00)weresignificantly different.Actors’ high knowledgeand training need could be endangeredby constraints faced in practicing EOAtherefore, such should be investigated and addressed to achieve objectives of subsequent training of EOA practices. Keywords- Training needs, actors, Ecological Organic Agriculture(EOA) and EOA components