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Development of Herbal Facial Mask Cream From Suan Sunandha Palace Facial Beauty

According to historical data from the reign of King Rama V, the royal concubine have been flawless skin, Thai medicinal herbs have been used to clean the skin in the past. Herbal facial mask named “Suan Sunandha Palace Facial Beauty (Ngam Piew Na Wang Suan Sunandha)” was help to soft, and moisture face, bright facial skin, reduce black spots, and fit closely skin pores. This original herbal facial mask formula was consists of 8 species of medicinal plants, and 1 mineral material were as follows: turmeric, wild turmeric, lakoocha, centella, tanaka, coffee, coconut, aloe vera, and white clay filler (whiting) calcined. The objectives of this research were to investigate the beauty benefits, and the active ingredients of the original herbal facial mask, and also development of the herbal facial mask cream from the original. The results found that all of the original herbal facial mask materials were useful aspects of beauty, such as skin rashes, and papules treatment, reduce inflammatory, and infection, increasing collagen production, and epidermal cells, stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues, anti-oxidant property, inhibit melanogenesis, reduce skin wrinkle, no skin dryness, reveals beautiful, and bright skin, and help to flawless skin. From the development of herbal facial mask cream from Suan Sunandha Palace Facial Beauty, it was found that the physical properties assessment of the herbal facial mask cream after preparation at room temperature, and the stability assessment of the herbal facial mask cream after Freeze-Thaw for 5 cycles were the same result as follows: the creamy texture was slightly rough, very viscous, light brown color, coffee smell, and there was no layer separation of cream. It can be seen that this herbal facial mask cream was well stability. Keywords: Development, Facial Mask, Herb, Suan Sunandha, Chemistry Queen Cleopatra