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A Bi-Functional Xylanase/ Xyloglucanase, GH5H, From Termite Metagenome Improves the Hydrolysis of Pretreated Biomass

Xyloglucan is a major component of the primary cell wall of higher plants and forms an intimate network with cellulose through hydrogen bonding and also with hemicellulosic components. In the present study, a bi-functional xylanase/xyloglucanase (GH5H) from a termite metagenome with high xylanase and xyloglucanase activities was used to replace Aspergillus niger xylanase in a previously established enzyme cocktail. The new combination was found to increase both glucose and xylose release from pre-treated biomass. Substrate competition assay indicated that xylanase and xyloglucanase activity is catalysed by the same active center. Keywords— Bi-functional enzyme, lignocellulose hydrolysis, termite GH5H.