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Photocatalyst Nife2o4 Prepared by Reactive Grinding Method For the Degradation of RB21 Under Sunlight and UV-Light Photoreactor

In this work NiFe2O4 spinel catalyst was investigated by high energy planetary ball mill with 20h milling time and with ball to powder weight ratio as 20:1. The syntheses powder were used for the environmental remediation for the photocatalytic degradation of RB21 reactive dye. After optimizing the parameters activity was done under natural sunlight measured by solar power meter 1100 w/m2 intensity during month of may from 12pm-2pm, with 500 mL sample, 50 ppm concentration of dye, 0.8 g catalyst dosage, pH 7, reaction time 240 min. The detail characterization was done by XRD, SEM, TEM, EDAX, FTIR, HPLC, Particle size. The collected samples after different time interval analyzed by COD, TOC, UV-Visible spectrophotometer for the %degradation of RB21. The stability of catalyst can be measured by reusing the catalyst by separating it with external magnetic field and washing with water or ethanol for the next cycle with high efficiency for number of times without any treatment. Keywords- Ball milling, Degradation, Photocatalyst, Reactive turquoise blue (RB21), Sunlight, Spinel NiFe2O4.