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Comparing Five-Factor Personality Traits In People Proceeding To Natural Childbirth And Caesarian Darab City 2016

Introduction:Pregnancy is a physiologic phenomenon which finally will lead to childbirth. This event is along with fear, worry and panic. High percent of Caesarian prevalence and its relation with psychological factors urged us to identify fivefactor variables of personality and compare its traits in people proceeding in natural childbirth and Caesarian. Working method: The present study was conducted in cross-sectional scientific –comparative method for 6 months on women who had selected their childbirth type regarding 50% prevalence and 5% error and by simple and accessible sampling method in Darab city Imam Hassan Hospital. The tool used in this study was neo five factor personality inventory. After collecting data, they were entered in statistical software SPSS and we compared five factors with hoteling chi-square multivariate statistical tests in two groups. For detail analysis detailed T, independent T and detailed f were used. Results:Participating women average age was 28.47±5.17 years old with age domain 19-49. The result of hoteling chisquare test showed that there is a significant difference in two groups and also between childbirth types with domains of subjectivism and objectivism, experiences, adaption and responsibility. But no significant difference was observed between childbirth type in two groups in respect of neo personality type inventory in neurosis domain and present childbirth with previous childbirth and also with age, place of living, income, job, number of children and birth rank and with variables of socio-economic factors. Discussion and conclusion:It seems that a more percent of people with natural childbirth were more considerable and loyal and responsible people. It is suggested that screening tests to be performed from pregnant women before and after decision for Caesarian childbirth for reducing Caesarian. Keywords- Personality Five Factors, Natural Childbirth, Caesarian