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Studying And Comparing Caesarean Statistics In Public And Non-Profit Hospitals Of Shiraz Before And After Health Sector Evolution Plan (HSEP)

According to the report 2015 of WHO, Iran is the fourth country around the world in terms of caesarean section with 48% during 2006 to 2013. Many national and international research and studies demonstrate the high risks and complications of caesarean on the mothers' health. On the other hand, changing the demographic policies of Iran towards increasing births clearly suggests the necessity of controlling the statistics of caesarean. Hence, Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the Health Sector Evolution Plan (HSEP) which includes the basic and fundamental changes in Iran health and treatment system has allocated one of these guidelines to this important issue . According to the guideline of “The Promotion of natural childbirth “ all the public and nonprofit hospitals and their doctors have been required to reduce their caesarean statistics .The natural childbirth became free charge in the public hospitals and some facilities were allocated to the public maternity hospitals in order to develop and improve this program . Given to the non-profit hospitals also have an important contribution to provide the society's health , whether they could success to reduce caesarean even though they didn’t receive any facilities like the public hospitals . Whether the caesarean statistics have changed two years after beginning HSEP in the public and non-profit hospitals of Shiraz and towns dependent on Fars Medical Sciences University . Method: The present research is of a cross-sectional and descriptive kind . It has studied and compared the statistics of childbirth and caesarean in the hospitals dependent on Fars Treatment and Health Service and Medical Sciences university from the beginning 2013 , that is before beginning HSEP to the end of 2015 . Findings : At the end of 2015 the statistics of caesarean in the hospitals dependent on Fars Medical Sciences University has reduced by 9/6% in comparison with those at the beginning of HSEP. The highest reduction was related to the public hospitals of the towns dependent on Fars Medical Sciences University by 14% reduction . After it there are the nonprofit hospitals which could reduce their statistics of caesarean by 9.9% . But in 2015 the public hospitals couldn’t reduce their cesarean statistics and even these were increased by ¼% than their caesarean statistics in 2013 . Conclusion : From the beginning HSEP up to the end of 2015 the non-profit hospitals of Shiraz were more successful to reduce their cesarean statistics than the public hospitals . Keywords- Public hospital , Non-profit hospital , Health Sector Evolution , Cesarean