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Examining The Relation Of Health Literacy Level And Health Information Search Method With General Health Of Teachers Of Jahrom City Schools In 2016

People accountability for general health and self-care against diseases has today found a great significance. Access to information relating to health (health information search) and learning about health issues and disease is an important and determining factor of health. It is expected that people use such information for having a high level of health. This active role of society people for their health requires having a high level of health literacy. Then, the present study was conducted with the aim of examining the relation of health literacy level and health information search method with general health of Jahrom city teachers in 2015. Research method was analytical- descriptive in nature which was confirmed in cross-sectional method. And the study was of survey type in respect of administration. The statistical population was all teachers of Jahrom city schools (2100 persons) that based on Morgan table; the sample (322 persons) was examined by random and stratified sampling method. For collecting data, Iran population literacy questionnaire (18-65 years old),general health standard questionnaire (GHQ28) and scholar made scale of health information search (18-65 years old) were used. Data were analyzed using applied- analytical software SPSS v. 20. The study findings showed that the average health literacy score was 129.91± 16.11. Health literacy level of 64.9% of Jahrom city schools teachers was in excellent level. Teachers acquired their health information more by referring to physician or medical expert (62.5% of people) , watching TV and asking friends and relatives (54% of people) and searching in web or internet (51.5% of people). Average of general health score was 32.27 ± 6.97. General health level of 83.9% of teachers was in optimal level. 2.9 % of changes in teachers'general healthare influenced by health literacy. Then, by increasing health literacy, general health has become better. 21.3% of health literacy changes are influenced by teachers' health information search method. So, by improving method of health information search, health literacy has increased. 2.1% of general health changes are influenced by teachers' health information search method and by improving health information search method,general health has become better. Therefore, attention to health literacy and health information search and its effectiveness on general health have a considerable significance. Keywords- Health Literacy, Health Information Search, General Health, Teacher, Jahrom