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Preparation And Application Of Sulfonated Hydrocarbon Ionic Polymer For Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

In this topic, a series of novel hydrocarbon ion polymers had been synthesized. In the structural design, we choose multi-benzene structure[1-6] introduced the trifluorinemethyl[7-9] into the polymer. Through its strong attraction for electrons, the nearby benzene exhibits electron deficient state and keep the sulfonate group away. Therefore, sulfonate groups will be grafted in the segments without trifluorinemethyl. [7-9] It effectively separates the hydrophilic end and hydrophobic end. The degree of sulfonated was controlled by different concentration of sulfonating agents. Then the polymers were dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and casted on the petri dish. After drying, a series of sulfonated polymer membranes were obtained. Their capability applied to solid electrolyte of proton exchange membrane fuel cell were also be assessed. The designed chemical structures were confirmed by NMR analysis, and the average molecular weight of polymers ranged from 1.3×105 to 2.0×105 g/mol as shown by GPC measurement. All the polymer membranes had a good thermal stability, mechanical strength and a high oxidative stability against Fenton’s reagent. Furthermore, the membranes with different water uptake can maintain good dimensional stability. They were not over-swelling and dissolved in water at high temperature, which was supported by TEM observations. Keywords- fuel cell, proton exchange membrane, hydrocarbon ion polymer, locally and density