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Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polyester Composite Fatigue Crack Monitoring Using Acoustic Emission

This paper presents acoustic emission (AE) technique for detecting onset damage of composite materials damage and validate this technique using actual AE data from fatigue crack growth. AE piezoelectric transducer was attached to glass fibre reinforced polyester composite specimen during the fatigue cyclic test. For data collection, AE parameters, i.e., duration, amplitude, and energy near fracture zone were obtained and were correlated to fatigue life. AE signals were obtained at four different applied loads (60.97MPa, 67.75MPa, 74.52MPa, and 81.30 MPa) which were 45% to 60% of ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of material. The results show correlation between AE parameters and the number of cycles to failure. This correlations show that AE can be used to predict the fatigue life and can be tool for detecting damages in composite materials. Index terms- Acoustic Emission, Glass Fibre Reinforced Composite, Fatigue, Failure Mode, Damage Assessment