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Effect Of Drinking Water On Blood Pressure Decrease In Hot Working Condition Of Prison’s Kitchen

Hot working condition may affect health problems of workers characterized by blood pressure decrease, and at severe stage may cause deaths. Drinking water consumption may be an effective control to prevent blood pressure decrease in hot working condition. The objective of present study is to detect effect of drinking water consumption on blood pressure decrease in hot working condition among workers in the prison’ kitchen. The design type of study is quasi-experiment namely before and after with control. Population of study is all workers (35 persons) in hot working condition in the prison’s kitchen. Sample size is 25 persons drinking water consumption, and 25 persons without drinking water consumption, which is calculated based on the design type study, 5% α error and 10% β error. Analysis of data is conducted by analysis of one variable and two variables. The result of study: The mean of proportion of workers whose systolic blood pressure decrease without intervention was 20 (80%) out of 25 workers and the mean of proportion of workers whose blood pressure decrease with intervention namely drinking water consumption was 10 (40%) out of 25 workers. The category proportion of each of independent variable namely nutritional status, age, duration of working, and drinking coffee habit was not different (p > 0,05) between the group of workers who do not get intervention and the group who get intervention. There was association between Intervention of Drinking Water Consumption and Systolic Blood Pressure Decrease (P< 0, 05). Conclusion: Drinking Water Consumption of 240 ml per hour during working hours per day affects to prevent the decrease of systolic blood pressure in hot working condition in the prison’s kitchen. Recommendation: Population of study should be extended, before the policy concerning water drinking consumption to the workers in hot working condition in prisoners’ kitchen will be decided at provincial and national level. Keywords- Drinking Water, Systolic Blood Pressure Decrease, Hot Working Condition, Prison’s Kitchen.