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A Survey On Medical Images And Compression Techniques

An image withholds lot of computerized information. The digitized information occupies huge storage. The stored information is to be transmitted through different networks and hence Image compression is necessitated before it is passed over the network. To impose compression on the images, many techniques have been proposed by many persons behind. In this paper a point by point perspective of Lossy and Lossless Image compression techniques are surveyed. The research survey’s objective is to appraise Image Compression under different image compression Techniques. The stumbling blocks of various compression processes could be focused which may pave way to improve the compression ratio for crucial fields such as Medical imaging. In Medical field, compression has become vital, as enormous information stockpiling and data exchange for diagnosis is the prerequisite. Copious compression Techniques need to be utilized as a part of medicinal headway since it is life-threatening to deal with the critical medical data. Keywords— Image, Compression, Medical image, Diagnosis, lossy and lossless compression.