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Comparison Of Mental Health Between Male And Female Nurses Working In Teaching Hospitals Of Ilam In 2015

Introduction: According to experts from the World Health Organization mental health is defined as: the ability to think and mental expressions of the harmonious relationship with others, change and reform of personal and social environment and conflicts and personal interests are reasonable, fair and appropriate. Objective: to compare the mental health of male and female nurses working in hospitals of Ilam in 2015. Methodology: Random cluster. T test and chi-square frequency, sample size: 237people (female: 152 , male: 85). Analysis and transformation of data, descriptive and inferential in two hospitals Mustafa Khomeini and Imam Khomeini Hospital. The instruments used for collecting data session through the General Health Questionnaire GHQ-28 and job satisfaction questionnaire with 37 questions. Results: The level of education P = / 272 and the job satisfaction of women and men, P = / 173 in this study there is no significant difference. Social Performance P= / 03 and the physical symptoms P = / 023 and the depression P = /000 and the mental health of men is significantly higher. The social function of women is significantly more than male nurses. Conclusion: The 237 nurses employed (men and women), with an average score of 9/23( women), 7/19 (men) And mental health of women is inferior to men. Keywords- Mental Health, Nurses, Hospitals