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Formation Of Spatial Representation Of Aggressive And Non-Aggressive Animals In Morris Maze And In Elevated Plus Maze

Aggressive animals are distinctive by higher reproductive ability of remembering in open space where the high rate of memorization plays the great role. In this particular case in Morris water maze aggressive animals develop better navigation learning than non aggressive ones. This kind of mental map could be perceived by the rat or not. In this case, this chart is well perceived by both aggressive animals. The main mechanism of remembering this kind of invisible platform could be related to the development of proprio-vestibular apparatus. It seems that aggressive animals remember the motion sequence that enables them to find a target. (praxis or idiopathic strategy). This increases consolidation with spatial memory. The study of Elevated Plus Maze showed that an aggressive rat, whether it has more or less anxiety, tries to perceive the environment and select safe condition that is useful to it that is contributed by features that are characterized for aggressiveness which is manifested by working capacity. Key words- Aggressive and non-aggressive rats, behavior, Elevated Plus Maze, Morris maze.