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Experimental Study Of Traditional Cook Stoves And Various Improved Cook Stoves Using Biomass

Biomass resources are effortlessly found in the world resulting in its quantum usage for cooking and heating since the origin of human civilization. Large number of population of rural areas in developing countries including India depend on biomass resources for cooking and heating purposes. For these purposes, half of the world’s population uses poorly functioning traditional cook stoves which causes several health effects in women and children as well as affecting the environment. In this experimental study, a comparison of thermal efficiency and power output of traditional and improved cook stoves were made. The experiment conducted was done using Water Boiling Test as per BIS standards. It was also aimed to compare the emission levels based on CO2 reduction potential. Results indicated that the thermal efficiency of improved cook stoves is higher than the traditional cook stove. In addition, the commenced research proved that the improved cook stoves reduces the CO2 emissions. Keywords- Biomass, Improved Cook Stoves, Power Output, Thermal Efficiency, Traditional Cook Stove, Water Boiling Test.