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Studies On Screening And Microbial Production Of Carotenoids For Potential Applications

Microbes are alternative source of natural pigments and fermentative production of various food grade pigments from potentially safe microorganisms are in the market and are reported in the literature. Carotenoids are a group of colored terpenoids with a variety of market applications. A total of 30 yellow and pink colored carotenoid producing bacteria and yeast strains were isolated were isolated from various potential aquatic, floral, and other natural substrates. Preliminary chemical tests UV profile and TLC studies indicate the carotenoid production. Among 10 yeast strains obtained one promising isolate suitable for the commercial production of carotenoids was obtained from coconut kernel. Morphological, biochemical and molecular characterization reveals the isolate belong to industrially important well known group of Rhodotorula sps. Small scale fermentation studies were carried out and pigment was isolated. TLC, FTIR and other spectral profile analysis reveals the pigment to be a carotenoid. The strain is able to grow on cheap media and agro-residual wastes and is able produce lipids and carotenoids from glycerol. Controlled degradation and extraction of biomasss of this strain gave aroma compound mixture. Studies suggest floral yeasts are potential sources of carotenoids and which can be used as food colorant and as aroma precursors. Index Terms— Microbial Carotenoids, Carotenoid application, Rhodotorula, Floral Yeasts.