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Hand Gesture Recognition System For Better Human Computer Interaction

The recent progress on human- computer interface technology has enabled more intuitive and natural communications between human and sensor based devices in many fields such as games,e-learning and medical image processing. while traditional human-computer interface devices such as the keyboard and mouse still dominate in our daily life, the existing work consists of less accuracy and some external devices are used to communicate between them.this work proposes a real time hand gesture recognition system for human computer interaction (HCI) this proposed work can recognize two different hand gestures at faster rate with reasonable accuracy. The gestures are classified on the basis of shape based features. Using hand as a device can help people communicate with computers in a more efficient way. This system consists of three main modules like hand segmentation, hand tracking, and gesture recognitionfrom hand features. This feature work focuses the users get the ability to interact with the application from a distance without any physical interaction with keyboard or mouse. The proposed work allows users to track their fingers moving in three-dimensional space