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Photodiode Based Pyranometer

Accurate measurement of solar irradiance is necessary for the successful implementation of solar power systems, both photovoltaic and solar thermal. This paper presents the idea and design of a new photodiode-based pyranometer for the measurement of solar irradiance in the visible spectral range (approx. 400 to 750 nm).The principal characteristics of the proposed design are: accuracy, ease of connection, immunity to noise, remote programming and operation, interior temperature regulation, cosine error minimization and all this at a very low cost, tens of times lower than that of commercial thermopile-based devices. This new photodiode-based pyranometer overcomes traditional problems in this type of device and offers similar characteristics to those of thermopile-based pyranometers and, therefore, can be used in any installation where reliable measurement of solar irradiance is necessary, especially in those where cost is a deciding factor in the choice of a meter