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Optical And Thermal Characterization Of The 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivative Metal Complex Mgcaq4

Organic light emitting diodes (OLED’S) are an interesting, prospective choice as a source of light for applications in large-area flat panel displays. Light emitting materials, MgCaq4 has been synthesized by simple precipitation method at room temperature and prepared a blended films of MgCaq4 with Polystyrene (PS) at 10, 5, 1 wt%. Optical absorption, emission and excitation spectra of materials and films were measured at room temperature. The synthesized materials demonstrate a bright emission in violet- green region at 470-520 nm. Thermal properties of materials are determined by TGA, DTA, and DSC. Today, although many other light emitting materials are commonly utilized in electroluminescence for different purposes, as diffuse lighting and thin displays. Keywords— OLEDs, Electroluminescence, solid state lighting.