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Luminescence Studies Of Rare Earth (Europium) Doped Nano-Crystalline Strontium Aluminate Materials (Sra2o4:Eu2+)

In the present work we have prepared nano-crystalline rare earth doped strontium aluminate as Sr1-xEuxAl2O4, (with x = 0.01, 0.02 & 0.03) via sol gel auto combustion technique. The homogeneity, structure as well as UV-excitation and persistent luminescence of the materials was investigated by X- ray powder diffraction, SEM microscopy as well as by steady state luminescence spectroscopy and persistent luminescence decay curves, respectively. The morphology of the materials at high temperatures indicated important aggregation due to sintering. The luminescence decay of the quite narrow Eu2+ band at ca. 525 nm shows the presence of persistent luminescence after UV irradiation. The dopant (Eu2+ ) concentrations affect the crystallinity and luminescence properties of the materials. The present work reports the changes made in the combustion process to achieve the homogenous incorporation of dopants and large-scale production of the nanophosphor in a short interval of time. Keywords: Luminescence, nano-alumina, phosphor