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Study Of Biosensors Using Nanotechnology

This paper describes the review and study of Nanotechnology for different biosensors. Nanotechnology is engineering at the molecular (groups of atoms) level. It is the collective term for a range of technologies, techniques and processes that involve the manipulation of matter at the smallest scale (from 1 to 100 nanometers — 1/10,000th the thickness of a human hair). Nanotechnology is an extremely powerful emerging technology, which is expected to have a substantial impact on medical technology now and in the future. The study of biological recognition elements and their specific function has enabled the development of a new class of electrochemical modified electrodes called biosensors. Nanotechnology provides the ability to work at the molecular level, atom by atom, to create large structures with fundamentally new molecular organization. It is essentially concerned with materials, devices, and systems whose structures and components exhibit novel and significantly improved physical, chemical and biological properties, phenomena, and processes due to their nanoscale size. Keywords: Nanotechnology; biosensors; nano-bio materials, agriculture, sensor, Environmental, biological.