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Current Status And The Future Potentials Of Renewable Energy In India - A Review

India is on the path of rapid economic growth along with speedy overall development. India will require an assured supply of 3–4 times more energy than the total energy consumed today to meet the energy requirement for such a fast growing economy, simultaneously it has to face the global threat of climate change and different environment related problems. Renewable energy is a clean and sustainable source of energy derived from nature and it has potential to provide solutions to the venerable energy problems being faced by the developing countries like India. To overcome energy shortage in India the renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and fuel cell technology can be used. Today, renewable energy account for about 33% of India's primary energy utilization. India is increasingly adopting painstaking renewable energy techniques and taking positive steps for carbon emissions, cleaning the air and ensuring a more sustainable future. In this paper, efforts have been made to summarize the availability, current status, major achievements and future potentials of renewable energy options in India. Keywords: - Renewable energy, current status, future potentials