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Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Among College Students: A Study

The university has a significant impact on students' lives. As life gets busier and more demanding, students may experience feelings of disappointment, irritability, anxiety, and impatience while studying. These emotions can also be aggravated by family distance, increased study load, and fees imposed by society, the institution, and the student themselves. According to research from India, 34% of college students had moderate to severe anxiety. During their college years, a storm of anxiety can be created by a combination of moving away from home, academic pressure,financial stressors, andnew social situations. Objective: To identify the Sign and symptoms of anxiety among college students. Method: The sample consisted of 75 college students drawn witha random sampling technique from the University of Rajasthan. The Burn Anxiety Inventory was developed by David D. Burn. In this study, there are 75 college students divided into two groups, 35 students from the Humanities and 40 students from the science stream, respectively. Results: Result shows the correlation between anxiety levels of college students. On comparing anxiety among students of Humanities, it found the highest anxiety among science students during their college years. Conclusion: The finding of the research was to determine the difference in the Anxiety level of Humanities and Science college students. Proper counseling sessions and psychotherapies should be given to the students to enhance their life. Keywords: Anxiety, Sign of Anxiety, Symptom of Anxiety, College Students, Humanities, Science