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Theoretical Verification of Pv Performance of Cds/P-Si Solar Cell Produced by Pld System

In the study, CdS thin film in 70 nm thick was produced on the Si wafer semiconductor with PLD system and Al/CdS/p-Si/Ag solar cell was produced. CdS thin film is polycrystalline and has a 2.4 eV band gap. The PV parameters (Jsc, Voc, FF and η) of the CdS/Si solar cell were determined. Then, the solar cell was modelled using the electrical parameters of all semiconductors and contacts that form the solar cell with SCAPS-1D program. PV parameters were calculated depending on the solar cell, PV the interface neutral defect density (Nt) between in Si and CdS semiconductors and the donor shallow defect density (Nd) values of CdS semiconductor. Nt and Nd values were determined, which showed the most compatible results with the experimental counterparts of PV results. As a result, the PV results of the experimentally produced and theoretically modelled solar cell were found to be compatible. Keywords -Cds, P-Si, Solar Cell, Thin Film, Scaps-1d Program