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Effect Of Lewis Acid In Ticl4/Mgcl2/Thf/Alcl3 Catalyst For Ethylene Polymerization

In this work, the modification of TiCl4/MgCl2/THF catalyst system with Lewis acid was investigated on ethylene polymerization. Experimentally, metal chlorides (CaCl2, FeCl2 and ZnCl2) as Lewis acidwere simultaneously introduced in TiCl4/MgCl2/THF/AlCl3 catalyst system. ICP analysis was used to determine the total amount of each metal in the catalyst. For polymerization reaction, TEA was used as cocatalyst and hexane was used as a medium solvent. The Al/Ti molar ratio was 140. The activity result for addition of CaCl2, ZnCl2and FeCl2was 979, 1009 and 1476 kgPE/molTi.h, respectively. The addition of FeCl2 in TiCl4/MgCl2/THF/AlCl3 catalyst system exhibited the highest activity. It suggested that FeCl2 has higher electronegativity (EN) and the radius of Fe 2+ is closer to Mg2+ resulting in an increased efficiency of the THF removal. This result led to improve the catalyst performance. Keywords- Ziegler-Natta Catalyst; Ethylene Polymerization; Lewis Acids; TiCl4/MgCl2/THF Catalyst