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Hardware Specification For Wireless Sensor Node For Real Time Data Acquisition Over Thingspeak

-The paper describes designing of a system with the help of the sensors to detect the different parameter. We have designed a compact wireless modular sensor architecture, which contains a number of circuit boards (nodes), we can use it in environmental monitoring systems. Each node has a major function i.e. inertial sensing, tactile sensing, data collection and transmission. Their primary goal is to collect the data and transmit towards the server and then it is transmitted towards http or web for browsing from different locations. In this paper we present the design of complete IPv6 based Wireless sensor network. For real time data acquisition system microcontroller Atmega32u4 is easily interfaced with nRF24.This sensor continuously generates enormous amount of data in the form of packets and frame (date, time, source address, destination address, data, ERC and CRC) which can easily reach to the destination. Keywords- Internet of Things, IPv6, nRF24, Thingspeak