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Ensuring Of Safe Transport Of Goods And Cargos And Monitoring Of Vibration Levels Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Our country, in which the logistics services are rapidly increasing, is on its way to become a logistic hub with its unique location where the main trade routes intersect and with its increasing trade activities. Today, there are about 25.000 transport vehicles and 10.000 fixed cargo centres. During the transport operations, the cargos are exposed to vibrations and get damaged. And when the goods are delivered, the checks for damages are only conducted as per the appearance of the cargo, if the goods have been damaged or deformed due to the vibration; the transport companies accept no liabilities. These days, no transport companies record what vibration levels the cargos are exposed to during transport and the owners of the cargo can only track their cargo for their whereabouts. The only right the cargo owners have is whether or not the box is damaged. By including an Accelerometer and a Gyroscope to prevent this condition, the boxes will have been monitored during the journey and what kind vibration they have been exposed to will have been recorded. Keywords— Wireless Sensor Networks, Zigbee, Sensor, Nodes, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Transport, Cargo