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Application of A Bio-Tower to A Decentralized Wastewater System – A Project for A Better Environment

Decentralized wastewater treatment systems, also known as septic system, play an important role for treatment of wastewater in suburban and rural areas that have no access to centralized sewage treatment plants in order to minimize water pollution and effects on wildlife and humans. Research results of laboratory scale to full commercial scale systems shows that an addition of a biotower system can increase the systems performance based on the influent loading of the wastewater used. A reduction between 50% and 98% of the COD loading could be achieved. The TP reduction achieved during testing was between 5% and 87%. Reductions from 15% to 98% could be realized for the NH3-N loading. Keywords - Bio-Tower, Clean Water, Decentralized Water System, Remediation, Septic, Wastewater Treatment