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Statistical Analysis of 3D Rectangle Encryption Algorithm

The statistical analysis of the 3D RECTANGLE to test the randomness of the lightweight block cipher is presented in this paper. Lightweight block ciphers use less computing power than conventional algorithms, making them more suitable for use in low-resource devices. Randomness property is important for an encryption algorithm to ensure that the output does not contain any message pattern. The NIST Statistical Test Suite is used to perform the randomness tests. Nine data categories of block cipher rare used to produce 1,000 cipher text samples from the algorithm. From the conducted testing, the 3D RECTANGLE passed 88.89% of the randomness tests. Based on the 1% significance level, the analysis indicates that 3D RECTANGLE appears to be non-random. The experimental results reveal the weakness of the algorithm that can be addressed in future studies. Keywords - Randomness, 3D RECTANGLE, Lightweight Block cipher, Statistical Analysis, Encryption.