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Factors Influencing Travel Risk Perception and Intention to Travel to Thailand of Chinese Residents during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The main objective of this research has been to obtain the factors that will influence travel risk perception and intention to travel to Thailand for Chinese residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the study compare travel risk perception and travel intention among different generations and tourist typology groups of Chinese residents. This paper uses a quantitative research approach to collect data. 985 validated questionnaires completed by Chinese respondents and it was found that vulnerability becomes an essential factor influencing people's risk perceptions during the pandemic. Also, risk perceptions and subjective norms are factors influencing travel intentions. Differences in risk perceptions and travel intentions across generations and travel typology groups are partially confirmed in this study as well. The significance of this study is to refine the risk perceptions and travel intentions in the context of the pandemic. It is also intended to complement the research on generations and tourism typologies. Furthermore, the study could improve the understanding of Chinese residents from multiple perspectives. Keywords - Generation, Risk Perception, Travel Intention, Tourist Typology Group