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Cross-Sectoral Role in Stunting Prevention in Jaya Bakti Village, Pagimana District, Banggai Regency

Abstract - Stunting is a chronic undernutrition status during growth and development since early life. The stunting prevalence in Jaya Bakti Village in 2020 is 43.9% (104 Toddlers). This study aimed to determine the role of cross-sectors in stunting prevention in Jaya Bakti Village, Pagimana District, Banggai Regency in 2021. The type of research carried out was qualitative with a phenomenological approach. With 40 informants consisting of 1 Head of Public Health Center, 4 Village Governments, 1 Health Officer, 20 Posyandu Cadres and 14 Stunting Toddler Mothers. The selection method used was the purposive sampling technique. Data Analysis Techniques used data reduction, data presentation and concluding. The data Validity Method used in this study is Triangulation of Sources and Triangulation of Methods. Research Results in The cross-sectional role involved in stunting prevention in Jaya Bakti Village, namely the Health Sector plays a role in the Implementation of Health Promotion Strategies, Micro Nutrition Supplementation, Immunization and Provision of Supplementary Food for Undernourished Toddlers, the BKKBN Sector has a role in providing counselling about stunting. The role of the Food Security Sector is to create a Sustainable Food Home Area. The Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) sector plays a role in making Work-Intensive Rural Sanitation, in this case making as many as 20 latrines. And the Village Community Empowerment Sector whose role is the Utilization of Village Funds. Suggestions for more cross-sectoral roles in stunting prevention in Jaya bakti village. Keywords - Stunting, Cross Sector, Jaya Bakti.