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Performance of Groups of Barrettes Subjected to Vertical Loading in Different Types of Soils

Abstract - Barrettes are non-displacement type, cast-in-place reinforced concrete pile of non-circular shape. Such piles can sustain axial loads and significant moments. In the present study, groups of circular and barrettes of different shapes resting in different types of soils were analysed by using the finite element computer program MIDAS GTS NX. The ultimate vertical capabilities of the piles were examined in relation to the pile's shape, slenderness ratio, aspect ratio of rectangular barrette piles, number of piles in the group, and soil type. The sectional area of similar groups of piles was kept the same to compare the performance of groups of barrettes of different shapes with those of groups of circular piles. The outcomes are compared in terms of improvement factor, which is defined as the ratio of ultimate vertical capacity of group of barrettes to that of group of circular piles. Results of the present study indicate that the group of barrettes exhibits greater ultimate vertical capacities as compared with group of piles of circular shape, having equal sectional area. Keywords - Barrettes, Ultimate Vertical capacity, Numerical analysis, Improvement factor.