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Healthcare For All – Proposing A New Healthcare Delivery Model For Future – Lessons From The Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract - The Indian healthcare system is in immediate need of a new healthcare delivery model to increase healthcare access and improve the marginalized health outcomes. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the weak core of the Indian healthcare system by overburdening it with its unimaginable and overwhelming spread, which created absolute havoc among the providers of the healthcare service and the seekers of it. It can only be strengthened by making the core, the primary healthcare services, the most resistant and a flexible entity at the same time. The Covid-19 pandemic posed a much more significant problem for the poor section of the society due to their inherent financial constraints. This section of the community has a lot of other challenges. Still, the most crucial challenge for most of these population is the essential primary healthcare services at an affordable expense, in case of a pandemic, an oxygen cylinder during their weak fight with Covid-19.It is thus imperative for the designers, engineers, health professionals and policymakers to come together with a collaborative mindset to develop innovative solutions against the conventional Primary Health Centers (PHCs) to provide essential healthcare services because of the limitations, a Primary Health Center (PHC) generally inhibits in the Indian context. This article examines the present state of the art, their methodology of operation, advantages, and disadvantages, thus deriving lessons from their shortcomings for future interventions. It is the need of the hour to think ahead and make this idea of mobile Primary Health Center (mPHC), the main delivery model to cater to basic minimum primary healthcare services to underserved communities by removing all the existing barriers. Keywords - Primary Health Center (PHC), Mobile Medical Units (MMU), Hard-to-reach population, Rural healthcare service, Mobile clinics, Remote population, Covid-19 pandemic