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A Model of Environmental Challenges Arising from the Informal Land Delivery System in Nigeria: A Case Study of Akure

Abstract - This paper aimed to identify the environmental challenges arising from the informal land delivery system in Nigeria, considering the context of Akure. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to accomplish this purpose, which was supported by a primary study. The major challenges and issues that this paper identified are vulnerability, exclusion, constant rise in the incidence of informal land use, absence of essential services and infrastructure, overcrowding, illegal squatting, unplanned growth, and conflicting and uncontrolled land use, among others. The primary research findings showed that all of the property owners agreed that informal land delivery causes a continuous rise in the incidence of informal land use, which makes it very difficult for the dwellers to improve their homes and immediate environments on their own. For the estate surveyors and valuers, all of the respondents agreed to all of the problems that were given to them except for 80.0% that agreed to the fact that lands through informal land delivery suffer lack of adequate sanitation facilities and water supply and 95.0% also agreed to the fact that land through the informal land delivery system is almost impossible to comply with established land use and zoning standards. In light of these findings, appropriate recommendations were provided to aid future research. Keywords – Akure, Environmental challenges, Informal land, Delivery system, Nigeria.