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Comparative Analysis of Biodiversity Between Water Hyacinth Infested and Open Water Phytoplankton Communities in Three Separate Locations from Chattogram Division, Bangladesh

Abstract - Water hyacinth infestation impacts on the biodiversity of phytoplankton communities in the tropical countries. However, comparison of phytoplankton communities between water hyacinth infested and open water is understudied. We have compared and analyzed various biodiversity indicators (Shannon-Wienerindex, Simpson’s diversity index, Margalef's Index, Pielou's evenness index and Sorenson’s Coefficient) between water hyacinth infested and open water phytoplankton communities from three different locations in Chattogram division, Bangladesh. Our results indicated that there are substantial differences in the phytoplankton composition, abundances and biodiversity between the communities. Keywords - Phytoplankton, Water hyacinth, Biodiversity, Eichhorniacrassipes, Chattogram, Bangladesh.