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Prospects of Nuclear Power For Electricity Generation in Ghana: Strength and Opportunities Perspective

Abstract - Hydro and thermal power plants have been Ghana's two main sources of energy generation for many years, but due to deficiencies in electricity supply and demand, electricity access has remained a major concern among stakeholders. The pursuit for a commercial nuclear power plant had been inactive until 2006 and 2007 when Ghana experienced a major electricity crisis, the country decided to incorporate nuclear power into its energy mix as a possible solution to the electricity crisis. Ghana reports strong vendor interest in its nuclear plan, though there are several infrastructural issues to be addressed prior to the nuclear power implementation. The development of the appropriate environment and infrastructure for deployment of a nuclear power plant is robust and challenging especially for a developing country like Ghana. This work emphasizes on the strength and opportunity aspects associated with the current electricity issues and solutions identified. Through a systems engineering lens, these aspects are presented in this research work by adopting a V-model concept, to simply visualize the research finding's verification and validation process. Keywords - Nuclear Power, SMR, Ghana electricity, Ghana Energy Mix