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Result of Air Pollution and Smog Reduction using Scalar Waves: A Case Study of Asian Mega Cities

Air pollution is one of the biggest threats for the environment and affects everything: humans, animals, crops, cities, forests, and ecosystems. Air pollution is caused by the presence of toxic substances in the atmosphere and is mainly produced by human activities such as combustion of fossil fuels and emissions from industries and factories. Air pollution can be visible or invisible and may exist in multiple layers of the atmosphere. This paper focus on air pollution and smog reduction after applying scalar waves for three Asian mega cities, such as Pune (India), Delhi (India), and one Asian city. This method has cleared out smog within 7 days and reduced air pollution by 85% or more for all three Asian cities within 30 days. Keywords - Air Pollution, Smog, Particulate Matter, PM 2.5, PM 10, Scalar Waves, Quantum Entanglement