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Process Design for Renewable Disposal of Biomass

For the last few years, Delhi, the capital of India has been experiencing alarmingly high levels of pollution levels. This is clearly evident from the increased number of health cases. The situation completely turns into a nightmare especially during the winters when the smoke combines with fog to form „smog‟. The visibility levels are also reduced dramatically. A number of reasons have been associated with this problem. This includes emissions from various thermal power plants, vehicular emissions etc. It is also believed that one of the major causes of this problem is the burning of biomass in the nearby areas of Punjab, Haryana etc. The biomass burned mainly includes „paddy‟. In other countries people have devised solutions to tackle this problem which mainly includes burning of biomass in „Incinerators‟. In this article a novel process to decompose this biomass in a much cheaper and renewable way has been designed. Keywords - Thermophilic Fermentation, Photophilic Fermentation, Peroxide Hypochlorite Reaction, Fuel Cells