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Literature Review on the Correlation between Abnormalities in Eye Movement and the Presence of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is a major societal and financial burden. The current diagnostic tools rely on invasive and expensive tests, most notably MRI and PET scan.Additionally, clinicians rely on neuropsychiatric assessments, which are also affected by the age and background of a person. Therefore, the search for biomarkers of AD has been an area of emphasis. This literature review of various biomarkers identifies a non-invasive and inexpensive adjunct tool, which is easy to implement. Also, the paper includes a mean strength of the proposed biomarker based on literature involving various biological components and the strength of various relations between the components using Hardy Weinberg's mathematical model. A novel techno-clinical paradigm is proposed based on eye saccade as an affordable and easy to use adjunct diagnostic tool for early detection and ongoing monitoring of progression of AD. Keywords - Alzheimer’s Disease, Biomarkers, Early Detection, Real-Time Monitoring, Screening Tool, Saccade.