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Investigation of Chlamydospores and Mycelium Liquid Spawn Storage Period of Grey Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotuspulmonarius) and Effects on Growth Rate

Using tissue culture technique in spawn production is limited to a short storage period and other problems. Hence, in this study, spore induction technique was introduced and the effect of different storage periods on the growth rate was studied. The average mycelium dry weight within the 10 months of chlamydospores storage at 4oC and ambient conditions was 3.0278 g and 2.9815 g respectively. Chlamydospores stored for 1 to 7 months took 33 days for colonization completion, whereas for 8 months storage, 36 days was taken. The highest growth rate obtained was from 2-month-old chlamydospores which is 0.9105 cm day-1 compared to the highest growth rate obtained for mycelium spawn was only 0.8661 cm day-1. This study proof that chlamydospores from grey oyster mushroomis a potential liquid spawn for its long term storage and revival ability. Keywords- Spore Induction, Liquid Spawn, Growth Rate, Chlamydospores