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Environmental Radon Concentration Level by using SSNTDS in the Eastern U.P.

This paper presents the experimental calibration of LR-115 type II plastic track detectors for monitoring environmental radon. Radon in dwellings originates from walls, floors and ceilings and also depends on the construction material. The conditions prevailing in India eastern region in the Utter Pradesh with respect to people's life-styles, building construction type, topography and meteorological parameters are greatly different. Concentration of Radon measured in different houses, SSNTD technique is used for present work in selected indoor environments. Detector mounting for three months. Detector used in Bare on card mode and Dosimeter. Most of the houses in Faizabad district are houses with typical construction their dense population, different geological and environment conditions which provide a wide scope of radon studies in this area. The value of the calibration factor was found to be 625tracks cm¯²d¯¹ per WL in the BARE mode. A results of measurements of radon concentration in Faizabad (India) are also presented. Keywords- Radon Measured, SSNTD Technique, Potential Alpha Energy Concentration (PAEC).